Analyzing Purrfect Potions, a Slot Machine

Reader, have you been keeping up with your studies in the art of concoction? If so, this game may might have what it takes to win you over… Please stop with the magical puns. Our primary focus is on introducing the Reflex Gaming and Yggdrasil Gaming partnership game, Purrfect Potions. Is there a ‘purr’ in there that you picked up on? Because the witch or sorcerer in Purrfect Potions is a cat, the game has a mystical feline flavor and can provide features like 1 of 3 Wild Boost Bonuses and free spins with locked wild respins.

The degree to which you appreciate stories about magical cats (maybe you used to read or still watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch?) may determine how much you enjoy Purrfect Potions. It may be found in a book- and candle-filled “magical” looking chamber. Okay, it’s not really miraculous, but the score is impressive. I’ll be honest and say that when I initially turned on Purrfect Potions, the only thing that really got me excited was the soundtrack. The game has a positive, welcoming vibe, although it borders on being overly simplistic.

Since Purrfect Potions is an online slot, you’ll need to start by deciding how much you wish to wager every spin (between 20 cents and £/€100) and whether or not you want the Magic Bet activated. By increasing the wager by 50% whenever the Magic Bet feature is activated, the player’s potential for winning free games is increased by a factor of two. Despite its adorable appearance, Purrfect Potions is a very volatile slot with a substantial maximum win. It has a theoretical RTP of 95.5%, and the information page claims that the highest difference between the RTP of the base game and the RTP of the bonus purchase is 0.1%. In other words, they amount to the same thing in most contexts.

There are 20 fixed paylines in Purrfect Potions, played over a 5-reel, 3-row game panel. There are 9 standard pay symbols on the reels: 10 through Ace for low payouts, a witch’s hat, a moon token, and a vial for high pays, and a potion bottle for medium pays. If you get 5 matching symbols, you win between 1.5 and 5 times your wager (low pays) between 10 and 15 times your stake (high pays). Wild symbols, represented by a potion bottle, can stand in for any other winning sign.

Perfect Potions Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

In Purrfect Potions, you may get Wild Boost Bonuses, free spins, and a bonus buy—or whatever you want to call them.

Bonus for Going Wild

When the Purrfect Potion sign appears, one of three Wild Boost Bonuses is awarded. To wit:

One to four stacked wilds are generated by Wild Magic.

Magical Touch — creates between two and eight additional wild symbols on the reels.

With Mystery Wilds, you can get 2–8 multiplier wilds with 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 50x multipliers. Each payline can only trigger a single multiplier.

No Risk Turns

There are three distinct Bonus symbols in Purrfect Potions, just as there are three distinct Wild Boost Bonuses. Bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, however only on reel 3 can you win the Super Bonus or Mega Bonus. If you get three standard Bonus symbols, you’ll receive eight free spins and two times your wager. If you get two regular Bonus symbols and a Super Bonus, you’ll get twelve free spins and ten times your wager, and if you get two regular Bonuses and a Mega Bonus, you’ll get sixteen free spins and fifty times your wager. If you get three Bonus symbols while playing the round, you win a b.

One of the Wild Boost Bonuses is triggered if a Purrfect Potion symbol appears during a free spin. When this occurs for the first time, the wilds stay put and you get one extra spin. When you land a Purrfect Potion, you get an extra respin, up to a maximum of three.

Acquire Advantages Freely

Last but not least, the extra round may be purchased for 100 times the initial wager in Purrfect Potions.

Excellent Remedy: A Gambling Decision

The’magic’ in a stage magic show is generally revealed after a lengthy buildup in which the magician prepares the trick, displays flourishes of the hands, and flirts with an attractive helper. If the filler in the stage performance builds excitement for the big surprise, then so be it; the payoff might be well worth the time invested. Sometimes you may think, “is that it?” Unfortunately, this more accurately reflected how we felt after trying Purrfect Potions. Some of the magic here is impressive, but the overall low quality of presentation and lackluster atmosphere ruin the effect.

Funny thing is, Purrfect Potions may go all David Copperfield on their lucky users with their numbers. On paper, the game may produce unexpected gains of up to 27,833 times the stake if the tiny feline gets to get its wand a waving. It would be well worth the effort put in to achieve such a triumph, however long it takes. It’s unclear how enticing Purrfect Potions is to stick around for if you don’t hit it big on it, and let’s face it, most gamers aren’t going to touch its max win.

Perhaps some people will be drawn to the amazing winning potential and the novelty of seeing a cat wearing a warlock’s or witch’s hat, as well as the extensive repertory of tricks available in Purrfect Potions. Purrfect Potions does a few decent things with wild additions, and the locked wild respin idea in free spins may be interesting, but Reflex Gaming’s trend of making slots that seem dated before their time continues with this entry.

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